BHSC Cabin/Campsite/
Facility Reservations

Reservations are now being accepted through June 12, 2016.

Looking to reserve a campsite, cabin, or other facility at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp?

It's simple - just take these two easy steps!

  1. Check to see if the site you want is available by running the Availability Report.
  2. Fill out the Reservation Request Form.

That's it! You will shortly receive an email acknowledging your request. In a day or two you will receive an email from the Camping Office confirming your reservation. The Camping Office will contact you if there is difficulty in fulfilling your request.

Additional information:

Regular Weekend Program Features

Please Phone Ahead to Schedule

No Fee Activities

  • Rifle Range - September through mid-June
  • Archery - September to Thanksgiving
  • Archery - April 1 through mid-June

Fee-based Activities

  • Climbing Wall - September to Thanksgiving
  • Low Cope - September to Thanksgiving
  • High Cope - September to Thanksgiving
  • Climbing Wall - April 1 through mid-June
  • Low Cope - April 1 through mid-June
  • High Cope - April 1 through mid-June