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Wood Badge N2-386-14 Incentives

2014-01-15 @ 21:00, Submitted by Tony Gulotta

Just Announced: Special Incentives Added for Wood Badge Participants

As a special incentive to all who actually attend Wood Badge N2-386-14, the Course Director is offering the following prizes to be raffled off on the first day of the course. Each participant will have a chance to win:

  1. a cabin at Schiff SR for a weekend
  2. a tent site at Schiff SR for a weekend
  3. one week of Summer camp at Onteora SR (if the participant is from a troop) or one week of Day camp at Schiff SR (if the participant is from a Pack)
  4. an iPad mini

Think Wood Badge and sign up now on line at www.trcbsa.org A $50 deposit holds your place.

Wood Badge N2-386-14 Announced

2013-10-25 @ 21:00, Submitted by Tony Gulotta

Wood Badge N2-386-14, sponsored by the Theodore Roosevelt and Suffolk County Councils, will take place at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp on September 27-29, 2014 and Schiff Scout Reservation on November 1-3, 2014. The Course Director is Tony Gulotta of Theodore Roosevelt Council. A program brochure is available.

Wood Badge Courses N2-404-15-1 and N2-404-15-2 Announced

2014-09-23 @ 21:00, Submitted by Bill Raab

Two Wood Badge courses will take place at is the Spring and Fall of 2015. NE-2-404-1 will run April 17-19 and May 15-17, 2015. The Course Director is for Spring 2015 is Bill Raab. NE-2-404-2 will run September 11-13 and October 10-12, 2015. The Course Director is for Fall 2015 is Julie Hardick You can enroll in either course at our Enrollment Page.

Enroll in the Spring 2015 or Fall 2015 course.

Wood Badge Scholarship Fund

2013-10-26 @ 10:00, Updated by Tony Gulotta

The Carl Gullans/Bill Somerville Scholarship fund was initiated in 2011. The funds are used to assist Scouters with financial challenges in participating in a Wood Badge Course being hosted by either Suffolk County or Theodore Roosevelt Councils. Carl was the Course Director/SM for NE-II-121 held in 2002. As a participant, Carl was a Bobwhite on NE-II-72.

Both Carl Gullans and Bill Somerville were great Scouters and served as Wood Badge Course Directors. What better way to honor these two individuals then by enabling ALL Scouters to experience the Wood Badge Experience. If still around today, these two individuals would be the first to contribute to a Wood Badge Scholarship Fund.

We want to ensure that all Scouters have an opportunity to take part in this amazing experience. By making a small or large donation, you will be assisting many in making this opportunity come to fruition.

Check out the flier for more information.

Wood Badge Artifacts

2011-10-15 @ 21:30

Oftentimes Wood Badge candidates and/or their patrols produce documents, web sites, and other items that are particularly useful to the greater Scouting community. As we are made aware of them they will be posted here.

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