Activities and Civic Service Committee Directory

Name/Email Link Position Phone
Kathy WestrichDistrict Activities Chairman
Chris AlleyDistrict Activities Chairman
Jerry CordialeDistrict Boy Scout Activities
Joel SalingerDistrict Boy Scout Activities
Maureen GruenewaldDistrict Civic Service
Ida BrownleyDistrict Cub Scout Activities
Kevin QuinnMilitary Support631-286-4571
Matt McEvoyDistrict Activities Chairman631-385-7342
Mary BishopDistrict Cub Scout Activities631-399-4546
Mike KellerDistrict Venturing Activities631-467-6468
Steve KesnerDistrict Boy Scout Activities631-475-4360
Frank BaileyHigh Adventure (National) and Calverton Flag Placement631-732-4529
Mary BishopCouncil Fellowship Dinner631-757-1102
Pat KellyNational Jamboree631-766-2183
Paul LaMartinaScouting for Food631-888-1241
Kevin TaggCouncil Activities Chairman631-972-8714
Kevin TaggPinelawn National Flag Placement631-972-8714
Ed LaniganHigh Adventure (Local)631-988-3566